Frequently Asked Questions


PAT is an ancronym for Press Attack Tracker. As the name implies, PAT is a platform used to track and report attacks on the press.

The platform will provide a map of threats and attacks on the press thus improving data for periodic review.

PAT is led by the Premium Times Center for Investigative Journalism with the sole responsibility of collecting and inputting data of harrassed and attacked Journalists.


The tracker is the innovative outcome of Premium Times Center for Investigative Jounalism with the support of Free Press Unlimited to serve as an advocacy tool for Press Freedom in the wider Nigerian society.


The platform is funded by the Free Press Unlimited.


Press Attack Tracker (PAT) adopts a functional definition of who is considered a journalist and that is anyone performing an act of journalism. This definition does not exclude on the basis of academic qualification as a graduate of a journalism program, possession of a mere press pass, membership of a press or journalistic body, whether their employment is full time or freelance, the medium they work with either, print, broadcast or online.


The tracker will count as journalists, therefore those professionals whose rights were violated in the course of gathering, processing or disseminating information or as a result of their work. PAT considers a journalistic act as the process of gathering and dissemination of news that is truthful and accurate and whose claims are verifiable, one that is produced in conditions of independence and above all, that is defined by a true public purpose. Such individuals will have to be professionally engaged in the journalistic act meaning they are strictly guided by the ethical code of the Nigerian Press Organization.